GST 1170: Primary Source Research

his course will introduce students to the primary source resources available in archives and on the Internet for research purposes. Emphasis will be placed upon the identification, retrieval and evaluation of information for general and specific topics. Students will develop general knowledge of primary source research, how to locate primary sources and how to access archives.

HIST 4030 Archives and Special Collections – Spring 2023

This course will introduce students to the history, theory, principles, and management of archives and special collections. Topics presented will provide an overview of the profession and include selection and appraisal, arranging and describing materials, preservation/conservation, disaster planning, content management, digitization, and archival management.

HIST 4040: Oral History – Spring 2022

This coCoursesurse will take you through the oral history process from conception to archiving. You will construct a plan and carry that plan out. The ultimate goal of this course will be to give you the necessary experience to manage your own oral history project.

The anchor of this semester-long project will be the recorded oral history interview. You will be assigned to a narrator (interviewee) who has some sort of experience to offer. Projects that demonstrate a high level of professionalism and quality will be added to the oral history collection. Students may also be invited to participate in the oral history program beyond this course. Should you have any questions, please ask.



Opportunities for students enrolled in HIST 3860: History Practicum – Spring 2022

Exhibit Research- Music of Bakersfield

Bergman- Railroad History Collection processing

Trotter- Process

Betty Cook-Process

University Archives- Inventory/ List 

McCall- Process 

Ashburn- Inventory 

Pederson- Verify finding aid data 

Stiern- Process 

Hopper- Inventory 

Fontaine- Inventory 

Tibbett- Inventory and digitize 


Blodget- Process 

Women’s Club- Process and digitize 

Cullimore- Digitize: The Kern County Musical Association, Watercolors, Postcards, Architectural Photographs 

Microfilm- Inventory  


Oral History 

Court records 

Indexing newspapers 

Humanities Behind Bars- Annotated Bibliography

General Research Projects

Exhibit Research


HRC Internship Syllabus