Selection Process

Submissions will be evaluated solely based on the information provided by the nominator.

Submit your nomination via the online nomination form.



Criteria, governance and procedures for the Faculty Hall of Fame

I- The selection committee shall be made up of the Library Dean (chair), five faculty members (each representing one of the four schools and a librarian and selected by their perspective school dean), an at-large representative, one Student Affairs representative, one student selected by Associated Students, and either one member of the CSUB Alumni Hall of Fame or an appointment by the Alumni Association.

a. The selection committee will meet in the Ablin Room of the library;
b. The selection committee will review and discuss all nominations and make impartial selections;
c. The selection committee will make its selections known to the President for announcement.
e. The selection committee will choose at least one honoree per year.
f. The number of nominees selected as honorees each year will be determined by the committee.
g. The selection committee will be established before October 15 and will make its selections known to the President on or by February 28.

II- A faculty member will be eligible to be nominated for the Faculty Hall of Fame if that faculty member has fully separated from working at CSUB, or has died.

a. An eligible faculty member must have been effective in the three areas established by the university for the evaluation of faculty – service, scholarship and teaching — AND
b. An eligible faculty member must have excelled as outstanding in at least one of the above areas.
c. Self-nominations are disallowed.

III- Nominations can be submitted by any member of the CSUB community, including students, past students and alumni, current and past faculty and staff, and any associates, supporters, friends, or partners of the university.

a. Nomination criteria and a nomination form will be available on the library website.
b. Solicitations for nominations will be widely dispersed.
c. Nominations will be held and managed by the Library Administration Office.

IV- Honorees will be celebrated and memorialized in the library.

a. A Hall of Fame will be established on the second floor of the library.
b. A plaque, photograph and abbreviated biography listing the honorees achievements will be placed on the wall in the designated area.
c. The library’s Historical Research Center (HRC) will develop an in depth biography of the honoree, which will be placed on HRC’s webpage.
d. Then HRC archivist will maintain the Faculty Hall of Fame Website
e. The library will host a reception in the Dezember Reading Room for the honorees on the Wednesday during the last week of March.
f. The reception and the plaques will be funded by the President’s office