Charles Van De Voorde

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Charles Van De Voorde

CSU, Bakersfield

Charles Van De VoordeIn his interview with Dr. Joseph Florez, Kern County native Charles Van De
Voorde discusses his life path, starting with the memories of his challenging childhood
through his most recent professional successes and experiences in higher education at
CSUB. Despite both parents struggling with an addiction, Van De Voorde recalls many
supporters, including his grandparents, teachers, law enforcement officers, Flood
Bakersfield Ministries, and the CSUB community, which he readily credits for having
seen his potential for growth. After incarceration experiences in a number of facilities in
California, Van De Voorde realized that attaining an education would open doors for him
to enact positive changes in his life and set an example for others. He was released in
May of 2020 and secured a position with Flood Ministries to help people experiencing
homelessness find stable housing.

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