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Josiah Royce

Thank you for visiting the Josiah Royce Edition website.  We are delighted you are here.  May you find the material you seek.  If you wish assistance or desire a publication that you do not immediately find, email:

The Josiah Royce Edition is a digital publication of the works issued in print by Josiah Royce, plus transcriptions of unpublished manuscripts and commentary on Royce’s work by his contemporaries.  The books, articles, and reviews in this edition include all those that are available.

In this work, the Ignas Skrupskelis bibliography was the guide.  These bibliographical entries fill fifty-five pages, with 282 separate entries.  Some items are brief notes, and some items are two volume books.  Seven short essays in The Berkeleyan, a University of California student publication, from 1874 and 1875 cannot be found.  These essays were likely lost in the fire that took place at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1980.  Seven articles on the history of the state of California are ignored, because, while Royce is listed as a contributor to the articles, his contributions cannot be identified or separated out.  Several articles are ignored, because, while Royce’s name is included in the contributors, whether he contributed anything is not clear.  Published notes of “thank you” and “congratulations” are ignored.  Six articles are added from other bibliographic resources.  Several posthumous collections and publications are included.

The website has a transcription of Royce’s handwritten Ph.D. dissertation and transcriptions of sets of unpublished lectures.  The transcription work continues under the supervision of Scott Pratt, University of Oregon, Director of the Josiah Royce Edition.

A recent addition to the website is basic information on the content of Royce’s last class, his Philosophy 9 seminar of 1915-1916.  The class was stenographically recorded.  In 1998, Richard Hocking and Frank Oppenheim re-edited the text, added explanatory material, and supporting essays.  While the website cannot post the text assembled in a volume titled Metaphysics, because of copyright restrictions, a posted selection from the Foreword outlines the seven new ideas presented in the seminar.

The next phase of the project is to post reviews of Royce’s books and specific responses to Royce’s writings by his contemporaries.  This phase of the project has begun.

Of course, website errors and omissions are likely.  Your assistance in making corrections is welcomed.  Please email the administrator.

May you find the website useful in your exploration of the work of Josiah Royce.

Use Instructions

On the left side of this screen are a list of categories into which various books, articles, reviews, and informational items are placed.  Click on the category you wish to explore.  On the screen for the category will be a list of what is available within that category.  A click on the title in which you have an interest, will take you to that title or to a list of what is found within that title.  Sometimes you will need to click on a title, then a sub-title, and then again on a sub-title.

Most of the screens you see are pdf screens of books and articles.  What was written specifically for the website, like manuscript transcriptions, are searchable with the ctrl-f function.  Pdfs that are images alone, like books and articles, are not searchable.  If you wish to search an image pdf, download the file, use the Adobe OCR function to obtain an ePub file.  The ePub file will, if you are lucky, will be 80% accurate.  This ePub file can be useful, but may not completely serve your specific purpose.

You can return to a previous screen with the Back function; several Back clicks will take you to where you started.  You can move to another category by clicking on that category on the left of the main screen.

One item of great significance is that the Basic Writings of Royce, two volumes, edited by John McDermott, which is available as the first posting under the Other Writings section.  This searchable pdf version of the two volumes is now open access through a grant received by Fordham University.  The best way of searching these volumes is to download the two volumes and then use the crtl-f function.

Toward the bottom of the list of categories is a Search function.  A click on that function will open a box into which you can type what you wish to search.  The search will review anything on the website which was written for the website; this includes all titles and transcriptions.  The search results will appear at the bottom of the search screen.  Unfortunately, many duplications will appear, because titles are repeated in numerous places.

For more information on Josiah Royce, click this link to The Josiah Royce Society.

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