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1883 – Review of Studien über die Bewegungs Vorstellungen, by S. Stricker

1884 – Review of Biogen: A Speculation on the Origin and Nature of Life, by Elliott Couses

1885 – Review of Types of Ethical Theory, by James Martineau

1885 – Review of A System of Psychology, by Daniel Greenleaf Thompson

1886 – Review of Scientific Theism, by Francis Ellingwood Abbot

1886 – Reviews of Hubert Bancroft’s History of the Pacific States of North America; and Theodore Hittel’s History of California

1886 – Review of Philosophische fragen der Gegenwart, by Eduard von Hartmann

1887 – Review of Natural Causes and Supernatural Seemings, by Henry Maudsley

1887 – Review of History of California, Vol. V, by Hubert Howe Bancroft

1889 – Review of History of California, Vol. VI, Hubert Howe Bancroft

1890 – Review of The Way Out of Agnosticism; or, the Philosophy of Free Religion, by Francis Ellingwood Abbot

1890 – Review of Ethical Religion, by William M. Salter

1891 – Review of The Principles of Psychology, by William James

1891 – Review of Justice, being Part IV of the Principles of Ethics, by Herbert Spencer

1891 – Review of On the Doctrine of Morality in its Relation to the Grace of Redemption, by Robert B. Fairbairn

1891 – Review of Outline of a Critical Theory of Ethics, by John Dewey

1892 – Report on Recent Literature of Ethics and Related Topics in America, in April Issue

1892 – Report on Recent Literature of Ethics and Related Topics in America, in July Issue

1892 – Review of Logik, vol. 1 of Logische Elementarlehre, by Benno von Edermann

1893 – Report on Recent Literature of Ethics and Related Topics in America, in January Issue

1893 – Report on Recent Literature of Ethics and Related Topics in America, in July Issue

1893 – Review of History of Aesthetic, by Bernard Bonsanquet

1893 – Review of The Human and its Relations to the Divine, by Theodore F. Wright

1893 – Review of Edward Caird The Critical Philosophy of Immanuel Kant and The Evolution of Religion

1894 – Review of Albert Brisbane: A Mental Biography, by Redelia Brisbane

1894 – Review of Appearance and Reality, by F. H. Bradley

1894 – Review of The Aesthetic Element in Morality, and its Place in a Utilitarian Theory of Morals, by Frank Chapman Sharp

1895 – Review of A Syllabus of Ethics, by William M. Bryant

1895 – Review of Elementary Course in Christian Philosophy, by Brothers of the Christian Schools

1895 – Review of Elements of Ethics, by James H. Hyslop

1895 – Review of The Ethics of Hegel, by J. Macbride Sterrett

1895 – Review of The Ethics of Literary Art, by Maurice Thompson

1895 – Review of The Study of Ethics: A Syllabus, by John Dewey

1895 – Review of Thoughts from the Writings of Rev. John C. Learned, by Rev. John C. Learned

1896 – Review of Mental Development in the Child and the Race, by James Mark Baldwin

1897 – Review of Analytic Psychology, by G.F. Stout

1897 – Review of Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic, by John Ellis McTaggart

1898 – Review of History of California, vol. III and IV, by Theodore H. Hittel

1898 – Review of In Tune with the Infinite; or Fulness of Peace, Power, and Plenty, by Ralph Waldo Trine

1900 – Review of A Manual of Psychology, by G.F. Stout

1906 – Review of Problems of Philosophy; or Principles of Epistemology and Metaphysics, by James H. Hyslop

1908 – Review of American Philosophy: The Early Years, by I. Woodbridge Riley