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Josiah Royce age 30

The Miner’s Grave or The Lonesome Lover’s Grave – c.1870

Thought Diary – 1878-1879



Portions of the manuscript are difficulty to decipher. Foreign language phrases are not translated. At times, the experienced transcriber, with a solid knowledge of Royce’s thought, provides the most likely reading of unclear passages. The transcription is not 100% accurate. Corrections and suggestions are to be sent to the website administrator:


The Possibility of Experience – c.1880

The Interpretation of Consciousness – c.1880

Sketch of the Infinitesimal Calculus – c.1880

A Speculation on the Nature of Mind  c.1888

The Two-fold Nature of Knowledge: Imitative and Reflective – 1893

Augustus Graham Lectures – 1896

Brooklyn Institute – January-March 1896

    • on Theism and Loyalty

New Orleans Lectures, 1897

on the Psychology of Intellect

Class Lecture on Metaphysics, 1897

The Teachings of Frederick Nietzsche, c.1900

Columbia University Lectures, February 1904

on Some Characteristics of the Thinking Process

University of Richmond Lectures, November 1904

on the Philosophy of Science

Urbana Lectures – University of Illinois – 1907

Twentieth Century Club, Pittsburgh, PA, Lectures – February 1909

on Loyalty

Address before the Hebraic Society – 1910

Yale Theological Club Lecture – March 1910

on Sources of Religious Insight

Harrison Lectures, University of Pennsylvania – 1911

on Absolute Truth versus the Pragmatists

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching – 1915

on Standards for Public and Private Colleges