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Royce’s 1913-1914 Seminar

Josiah Royce’s Seminar, 1913-1914: As Recorded in the Notebooks of Harry T. Costello. Edited by Grover Smith. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1963, xxiii, 209 pp.

Individuals may download and read the volume, use it in research, and quote from it in scholarly publications, but not redistribute the volume or use it in any manner for profit.

This book is significant in that the notes made by Harry Costello provide a unique insight into the teaching of Josiah Royce.  How Royce discussed the work of his contemporaries is noteworthy.

The text provided is a complete scan of the volume which is enhanced and made searchable with the crl-F function.  The written material just prior to the title page is a sample from Costello’s notebooks.

Royce’s 1915-1916 Seminar

The seminar of 1915-1916 was stenographically recorded.  The original text was edited by William Ernst Hocking.  The original text was re-edited by Richard Hocking and Frank Oppenheim in 1998.  Explanatory information and supporting essays were included in this volume entitled Metaphysics.  Copyright prohibits the posting of the seminar notes.  However, the link below to “New Thinking in Seminar” provides a glimpse of how Royce’s thought developed and what is in the full text.  Bibliographic information on the book is provided below. 

New Thinking in Seminar

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