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Resources for Research

Bakersfield’s History of Redlining – Bakersfield College Renegade Rip

Bakersfield College hosts program to discuss the history of housing discrimination and redlining in Kern County- CSU, Bakersfield The Runner 


Urban Beginnings: Episode 2 From Exhibit To Empowerment: A Journey Through City Oral History! with Blair Czarecki and Rogelio Martinez

Tract Housing in California, 1945-1973: A Context for National Register Evaluation

Bakersfield’s Punjabi Sikh Community 

Bakersfield’s Chinatowns

Bakersfield, Japanese Internment 1942-1945 World War II

Bakersfield Opens New Centennial Corridor Freeway : The two-mile freeway demolished a swath of the Westpark neighborhood: 271 homes, 15 multi-family buildings and 36 commercial structures

Exploring housing discrimination in Kern County: Exhibit highlights the impact of segregated housing on the development of community.

“America’s Newest Cities,” 2023-2024 exhibit on redlining. https://youtu.be/kNqdB-H4cqo

Session 5: “Kern County Redlining: Addressing the California Association of Realtor’s Apology in 2022” – featuring Donato Cruz with CSUB Walter Stiern Library

Red Lining and Housing Discrimination in Kern County https://youtu.be/COtTLuIDfO0

“The sound of something better,” A legacy of racial injustice in Bakersfield https://youtu.be/_etXpfOYSbo

Minority Housing Districts in Bakersfield in the 19th and 20th Centuries https://youtu.be/jd9I3L5zq0k

Migrations, Social Movements, and the Promise of Digital Local History: An Evening with Historian James Gregory  3-14-2023 https://youtu.be/RcQkdFuoDHw

Bakersfield Council Member Eric Arias reads a racially restricted language for the Bakersfield City Council record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxZ0W2HqBPY&t=3518s
Bakersfield, Kern County, California: Redistricting and Redlining Effects on BIPOC Communities https://youtu.be/3FRGLpWp6j4

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Beale Memorial Library: Jack Maguire Local History Room

Historical Research Center, Walter W. Stiern Library, California State University Bakersfield

National Archives, San Bruno, California